May 2007

Finished the Go with the Flow socks.  They were knit with Socks that Rock lightweight in the Thistle colorway.  Love, love, love this yarn.

Go With The Flow Socks


I swear, this time of year gets busier every year!  Kiddlebiddle’s about to leave 4th grade and I think the teacher saved up all the field trips for the last month!  There’s been at least one a week and since I have a van and can carry 5 kids, I always drive.  I’ve enjoyed helping out but wow!

And it’s dance recital time.  We’re with a new school this year and she’s putting on the BEST shows ever.  Better than the “semi-professional” company.  ‘Course, I’m prejudiced.  But kiddlebiddle is in four numbers and I’m helping with costumes for (let me count…) all of them!  Sleeves/shirts for Latin Dance, add sleeves for Ballet 3, add trim for pre-ballet (just Kiddlebiddle and teacher), and KB’s solo…really just have to make sure the parts go together.  We bought that one!  But the show’s next week and there’s lots to do.  Very little time. 

KB and I go on our annual Mommy/Daughter camp out this weekend.  We have to drive back into town on Saturday for a rehearsal, but it’s only 20 minutes.  I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed.  So I’d better get to work.  You can bet I’ll be posting photos of the campout and the recital!

Oh jeesh!  It almost feels like a chain letter  an honor 😉  I was out of town and both Firedupfairy and Beaunoze tagged me!  I wanted to put some thought into it so today I’m finally ready.  Here goes:

 The rules: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven other people and list their names on your blog. Then you leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Here goes:

1.   I have no sense of smell.  None.  Zip.  Most of you have five senses, I have four.  All because almost five years ago I was diagnosed with a duck egg sized brain tumor.  Unfortunately, it’s location and size impacted my sense of smell (I guess it was actually fortunate, because that’s what got the attention of my nurse-practitioner).  Fortunately, it was benign.  But the removal also took away all the remaining sense of smell and it won’t come back.  Ever.  Very sad because while I can get along without it, it does affect my sense of taste as well.  And I love to cook.  😦

2.  Years and years ago I fantasized about living in a cabin in the woods and writing a book.  Well, I eventually did live in a cabin in the woods (CA redwoods – lovely), but never wrote a book.  I now live in the Pacific Northwest and still think about living in the woods — once kiddlebiddle finishes school.

3.  I’m married to the man I fell in love with 30 years ago; lost; and found again about six years ago.  Long, romantic story.  hmmmmm  🙂

4.  I’m an “older” mother; having had my daughter when I was just four days from turning 43.  She’s 10 now (going on 20) and the light, joy, heart, of my life.  ❤

5.  I went to college with Annette Bening.  Honest!  She wouldn’t remember though!  She was a couple of years ahead of me (at San Francisco State University) and she was cast in just about everything.  No one knew me from Adam!  But I have a program from “The Country Wife” that she was in.

6.  My mother was an artist.  And a great cook/baker.  And for that reason I hesitated to do either for years and years.  Until my daughter started calling me an artist.  Then I thought…well, maybe.  The last few years have been very creative and I do bake a mean pie!

7.  I’m a natural redhead and take great pride in that.  We come from Alpha Centauri you know!  My shade of red was always different – not carrottop, not auburn.  Very beautiful.  And even though it’s now grey, I color it.  I love being a redhead.

And I’m tagging:








You go girls!

I’ve been knitting a lot of socks over the past few months.  I think I’ve been highly influenced by my “addiction” to the Lime and Violet podcast as well as Cast-On.  Anyway, this past L&V episode mentioned the “Summer of Socks” knit along and…ta da!  I joined!  I’ve never joined a KAL before but since I’m going to be knitting socks anyway!  It runs from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox and I could even win a prize!  I’ll note my progress here!

Well, I’m trying to decide which “blogger” works best for me.  I’ve posted the following on another but since I’m leaning toward WordPress, I’ll copy them here.

1.    Proud mama wants to yell from the rooftops but daughter doesn’t want to sound “boastful.”  But she won the elementary school division of the talent show with the dance she choreographed!  We’re so proud of her!  Now we’re busy preparing for her recital in June and I’m still knitting socks.  


2) Finally got the storage thingy put together.  Hubby pulled up more carpet and we moved in the chair.  My studio is beginning to come together.  At least I have a place to sit and knit and listen to podcasts/music. — amidst all the rubble that’s still to be sorted and stored (when the cabinets are ordered, arrive, and are installed….Jeessh!)  

Anyhoo…now I’m in the midst of putting yarn (not fiber…just the yarn.  fiber goes elsewhere.  where….?)  I’ve emptied one big bin and a couple of bags.  Still lots more but NOT lots more room.  Ah well.   At least it’s going to be close to all in one place.  Back to the stash.

My little corner of the world.  My knitting corner.

Why “GarnetEwe?”  Ewe because of my love of natural fibers and knitting.  Garnet because…well, garnet’s my birthstone and I wanted something that would stand out.  There IS a breed of sheep called red sheep but I think I’ll make mine just a touch more rowdy.  I plan to edit that photo in the not to distant future, so watch for it!  

I’m an avid knitter and recently have been knitting my heart out with socks.  I’ll post some pictures in the next couple of days.  I also consider myself an artist — of sorts.  I dabble in watercolors, paper arts, sewing, and textiles in general.I’m also the mother of a brilliant 10 year old daughter.  (Do I sound at all proud???)  She’s recently taken up knitting herself though I don’t know where she’s going to find the time.  She’s a very serious ballet dancer and I spend much of my time driving her from our home in Eureka up to Arcata for her lessons (4 days a week!).  She’s participating in her first talent show, sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club, on May 12 – dancing a number she choreographed all by herself!  I’ll let you know how that goes!

The other artistic element in our lives is my husband Tim.  I met him over 30 years ago but we only got married five years ago (long, romantic story….).  As long as I’ve known him he’s been a musician and since we’ve moved here he’s been very busy!  One of the bands he’s in is starting to get quite active and will be releasing their first CD soon.  The band is called Ukesperience and you can check them out on their website:  Very cool music!  You’ll love it.

That’s it for now.  I’ll see what I can do about making this a tad more interesting….

I’m new to blogging so forgive me if I’m not too eriudite (sp???).  Plan is to post info and pics of knitting projects, art work, and family.  Here are a couple of my efforts at knitting things for my Kiddlebiddle!

 Shrug     Dance Shorts