Well, I’m trying to decide which “blogger” works best for me.  I’ve posted the following on another but since I’m leaning toward WordPress, I’ll copy them here.

1.    Proud mama wants to yell from the rooftops but daughter doesn’t want to sound “boastful.”  But she won the elementary school division of the talent show with the dance she choreographed!  We’re so proud of her!  Now we’re busy preparing for her recital in June and I’m still knitting socks.  


2) Finally got the storage thingy put together.  Hubby pulled up more carpet and we moved in the chair.  My studio is beginning to come together.  At least I have a place to sit and knit and listen to podcasts/music. — amidst all the rubble that’s still to be sorted and stored (when the cabinets are ordered, arrive, and are installed….Jeessh!)  

Anyhoo…now I’m in the midst of putting yarn (not fiber…just the yarn.  fiber goes elsewhere.  where….?)  I’ve emptied one big bin and a couple of bags.  Still lots more but NOT lots more room.  Ah well.   At least it’s going to be close to all in one place.  Back to the stash.

My little corner of the world.  My knitting corner.