I swear, this time of year gets busier every year!  Kiddlebiddle’s about to leave 4th grade and I think the teacher saved up all the field trips for the last month!  There’s been at least one a week and since I have a van and can carry 5 kids, I always drive.  I’ve enjoyed helping out but wow!

And it’s dance recital time.  We’re with a new school this year and she’s putting on the BEST shows ever.  Better than the “semi-professional” company.  ‘Course, I’m prejudiced.  But kiddlebiddle is in four numbers and I’m helping with costumes for (let me count…) all of them!  Sleeves/shirts for Latin Dance, add sleeves for Ballet 3, add trim for pre-ballet (just Kiddlebiddle and teacher), and KB’s solo…really just have to make sure the parts go together.  We bought that one!  But the show’s next week and there’s lots to do.  Very little time. 

KB and I go on our annual Mommy/Daughter camp out this weekend.  We have to drive back into town on Saturday for a rehearsal, but it’s only 20 minutes.  I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed.  So I’d better get to work.  You can bet I’ll be posting photos of the campout and the recital!