June 2007

I think I mentioned earlier that I joined my first “Knit A-Long.”  It’s called the summer of socks and starts today.  Well, I’m trying to get over an evil stomach flu but did manage to snag Summer of Socks sock yarn stasha photo of most of my sock stash with which I will play during this KAL.  Today I’m casting on a pair for Hubby – the Mock Wave Cable Socks from Favorite Socks in a yummy yarn from J.Knits (Michigan colorway).

More later…


Every year, Kiddlebiddle and I head out to a local campground – just the two of us.  This year it was so much fun, we extended our stay another night.  It’s a gorgeous time, both physically and emotionally.  She’s 10 now and I hope we’re building a solid foundation for the teen years ahead.

This was taken at the Sumeg Village at the park.  We visit here every year.Yurok VillageYurok Village  Yurok Village

The sceneryThis is the view from one of the paths.

 And here are a couple of examples of the giggling that went on….

And, needless to say, there was nature all around.  Even what you don’t expect to be lovely, was!


I’ve already bragged about KiddleBiddle winning the talent show. Now I’ve posted the video of the rehearsal (I didn’t video the final show!!!) She didn’t wear her headpiece for this rehearsal because she had to sit around for an hour (in costume) and it was giving her a headache!  It’s here: