July 2007

Every summer one of my visits to KB is dubbed “Mommy and Me” weekend — just the two of us. And we always use part of that time for back to school shopping. This year was no exception. Friday was scheduled as shopping day and though we wanted to get an early start, we did allow ourselves to sleep in. Then, off to the mall!

Since we hadn’t had breakfast our first stop was a crepe cart where we shared a smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe. While I waited for it, KB headed right into the nearest shoe store. Yes, she’s her mother’s child — she loves shoes too. And buying for her can be a challenge, to say the least. She had beautiful feet. But they are long and narrow. McKinley feet we call them (after her paternal grandmother). And she’s just reaching in to the adult sizes, which, frankly, offer more opportunity to fit her (why do shoe manufactureres assume all kids have chubby feet???) but the styles – so grown up!…. AHer “witch” shoesnyway. Nothing at the first store. Off to Macys where we were actually able to find her some jeans and black slacks that she loved! (Something other than jeans???? Yay!!!) When we were leaving she told the salesclerk, “When I leave here today, you’re gonna be able to tell I’ve been SHOPPING!” I rolled my eyes, clutched my wallet, and smiled. She was probably right. I do spoil her. But interestingly enough, she doesn’t act like a spoiled child. (Well, most of the time.)  Toward the end of the day, we did find just the “perfect” shoes to go with her “skinny” jeans. 

Several stores later, and a luscious lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (without the cheesecake thank you), we were about ready to leave and yes, indeed, it did look as if we had been SHOPPING! She’s set for school and mom even got a few things herself

shopping-and-sf001.jpgSaturday was our day in San Francisco. I got a “brilliant” idea Thursday night, checked on line, and ordered tickets for us to see the matinee performance of “Jersey Boys.” Boy, what a show! Of course, being the age I am, I love it and got all the cultural references, and was able to sing along with almost all of the songs. But she loved it too and woke up the next morning singing “Sherry.” After the show we drove through the city (brought back memories of my years living there) and low and behold, a parking place was open right in front of the SF landmark Cliff House. We parked and went in for a wonderful seafood dinner. I am sooo lucky that she loves seafood. 

Cliff House view

I hated having to leave Sunday afternoon. And as I was taking her back to her dad’s she kept saying, “drive slower….slower….slower.”  But we pick her up again in two and a half weeks and off we head to Montreal and Quebec City!  shopping-and-sf011.jpg  (More photos on our Flickr site: click the link on the sidebar!)


Last Friday Eureka held it’s annual “Relay for Life.”  (http://www.relayforlife.org/relay/)relay-for-life008.jpg

 I understand that it’s the 9th largest in the country!  Pretty good for a little community in the Pacific Northwest!

  relay-for-life005.jpg  relay-for-life007.jpg

Anyway, I wasn’t a walker/runner but I did participate in the American Cancer Society’s CPS3 study.  According to our local paper (Times-Standard) “The nationwide study, the first of its magnitude in 25 years, will look at cancer causing and prevention factors. Of the 500,000 volunteers the ACS is hoping will sign up across the country, 500 will be from Humboldt County. ”  I think they probably got the number they were looking for because the tent was packed when I went it.  I just completed a multi-page survey; they drew some blood, and I was done.  (Well, I did get a See’s candy afterward!  🙂 )

Though this shot is blurry in the foreground you can see the beauty of where the event was held.  It’s so gorgeous up here!   


 The event was quite a site to see (see?)  And my hubby’s band (Ukesperience) played a nice set right after the opening ceremonies. 


 You know, it’s  a little sobering to attend something like that and see friends wearing the RFL t-shirts and running and perhaps you didn’t even know they had been touched by cancer.    I’ve never been comfortable asking for money but I donate regularly and I think next year I’ll try to participate.

Today I finished Kiddlebiddle’s FlameWave socks (Favorite Socks).  I knit them in Cascade Fixation (turquoise) and they came out great!  It took me going down needle size twice to get them to fit her skinny leg but they are really cute.  I’ll post a picture of her wearing them after I visit this weekend.  In the meantime, try this:


Ok…so hubby usually gets to read ’em first.  But he had a gig.  I had tangled yarn.  Home alone, who wants to spend an hour untangling just to knit a pair of socks?  (Ok…so maybe I would have if the book hadn’t just been delivered!)  I started.  Read straight through until about 1 a.m.; slept until 8:30; had a cup of coffee and settled back into my chair.  Only stopped to shower and dry my hair and finished at 4.  Enjoyed it immensely.

Got it.  Hubby’s usually is the first to read the book.  But he had a gig; the book had arrived so I tore it open and in about 4 hours am 1/4 of the way through.

Boy oh boy are we lucky!  I live in an absolutely gorgeous town in Northern California, the redwoods, the ocean…and every summer: Blues by the Bay.  We go with a group of friends; arriving a couple of hours early to secure our spots and prepare for two days of glorious music and relaxation.  And I guess global warming is really doing it’s thing because the pacific northwest is SUPPOSED to be foggy and cool in the summer but this year it was hot and muggy.  (Not a good thing….)

 The lineup was fantastic as always.  Every year there are some acts that I’ve never heard of and it never fails that we’re blown away by one or more.  And this year they were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” and had some old favorites that took me right back to junior high school: Big Brother and the Holding Company, Canned Heat, Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite…  Wow!  You would have thunk that Big Brother couldn’t be “the same” without Janis…but they got a female singer that, while she does have her own sound, does a fantastic rendition of Janis.  Close your eyes and drift back 40 years….  And I’ve got to tell you — this is the second time I’ve seen Elvin Bishop at this festival and does he ever put on one heck of a show! 

The audience is all ages, babies to grandparents.  Everyone groovin’ and having a wonderful time in a wonderful location.  Take a look at some of the fun:

Elvin b

Elvin Bishop brought down the house!

And here’s part of “our gang” friends

Big Brother 

Big Brother took me back….(waaaay back)

While the music rocked…I knitted.  knitting-fiend.jpg


Told ya it was sunny!  (My man…)

The festival went on for two days and the final day we had some overcast but still, a lovely sunset.  This shot was taken right at the festival. 


  I can’t wait ’til next year!  Gotta arrangae it so Kiddlebiddle is here too.  I know she’d love it!  (you might have noticed…I got a haircut!  Love it!  Makes me feel young!)  cathy.jpg

KB spends every summer with her dad down in the SF Bay Area.  It’s a six hour drive but I go down every three weeks to spend 3 days with her.  This is her fifth summer down there and we’ve developed a “routine” of sorts.  Generally, there are three weekends during the summer when I visit.  On one my hubby comes too and we do family stuff.  On another it’s a “mommy and me” weekend and we usually shop (back to school clothes, etc.) and have fun fun fun!  The third weekend we generally tie into our vacation so we have a full 10 days together.

This past weekend was split: I picked her up on Thursday evening, took her to dinner and shopping (hey, two girls can’t hang out without visiting a store can we?  And Macy’s was right there…right next door to the restaurant.  On Friday I went with her to her ballet class  (observed – it was a good class and she works hard!); then took her to tea!  Yes, tea!  A real “English” tea in a tea room in Campbell.  Lisa’s Tea Treasures.  I had been there when KB was just a baby and always thought that as soon as she was old enough to appreciate it, I’d like to take her.  Well, at 10 she’s perfect!  She was soooo impressed with the details and decor.  She kept saying “whoa” with her eyes wide!  It wasn’t a cheap lunch, but it was well worth it!  I think we’ll make it another tradition.   tea.jpg

On Saturday hubby joined us and we all headed to the Tech Museum.  We saw an IMAX film on Greece and played in the museum for a couple of hours.  If you’re ever in San Jose and want to have a good time, check it out!  www.thetech.org  In the photo below she’s doing a DNA experiement.


After a break (aka, nap!) we took Kiddlebiddle to dinner at a favorite of ours when we’re in the area: E&O Trading Company.  I’m not sure just what to call the food but it’s fantastic.  Kind of far east eclectic with influences from India, Japan, Thailand, China.  Again, KB’s eyes were big but for once, so was her stomach!  She was willing to try just about everything — everything except spinach that is.  (Can’t figure that one out.  When she was a toddler, she’d gobble it!  Around 4 or 5 she got to where she wouldn’t touch it!  Go figure!)

 giggles-at-eando.jpg  Hubby said/did something that had KB in absolute stitches!  It got crazier and crazier!  And he looks so innocent here!

Unfortunately, even fun times have to end and Sunday (after a quick search at another Macy’s for a jacket she’s craving) I took her back to her dad’s and headed home.  I hate that drive with a passion!  But I’m heading down there again in a couple of weeks ‘cuz I love KB with more of a passion!  My baby is getting to be a young woman.  Jeesh!  (More photos on the Flickr page.  Just click)

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