I really am catching up tonight.  The past month and a half have been busy.  But I wanted to be sure to post about Kiddlebiddle’s recital and birthday party.

The recital was called “Degas’ Ballerinas” – a brilliant concept by her teacher.  Actually, she was inspired by some Photoshop work I had done on a picture of Kiddlebiddle from the holiday recital.  Her idea was the Degas works of art coming to life in the museum.  She had dancers from baby beginners to semi-professional.  It was an amazing show and I really wish it could have been billed as more than a “recital.” 

 Kiddlebiddle danced in four numbers (five really, if you count the beginning of the pre-ballet): 1) she helps teach the pre-ballet so she danced with them and did a duet with her teacher at the beginning; 2) danced with her Ballet 3 class; danced with her Latin Dance class; and danced a solo as Degas’ “Little Dancer of 14 years.”  I am so proud of her.

museum.jpgThe museum…(the girl sitting in front is imagining all the scenes – this was the finale)

Taken at rehearsal for the Ballet 3 number: Ballet 3 rehearsal

Little Dancer emma-antique.jpg

THEN…right before she left for the Bay Area we had her birthday party!  How many kids do you know that have live music at their 10th birthday party.  It pays to have a stepfather who’s a musician.  She’s crazy about their (Ukesperience) music and it influenced the whole theme of the party – a Luau!  The kids danced, ate, played games, in general had a great time!  Some shots:

Live Music! Dancin Macarena