Sheri, at the Loopy Ewe is having a “contest” of sorts: Take Loopy on vacation.  So, I am.  The first trip for Loopy was the camping.  Here she is!

 Finally arrived!  Loopy arrives at the camp site

loopy-and-the-campfire.jpgDon’t sit too close to the fire Loopy!

Loopy even got to go to the river and hang out with my Jaywalkers!  (Knit in Lisa Souza, Violet’s Pink Ribbon colorway)  pamplin-loopy.jpg

 And Loopy met some wonderful friends.  She met the bass player for Ukesperience (happens to be my hubby so that was easy!)  loopy-meets-uke.jpg 

And she met the cutest kids!  (Who clearly had no idea why I was asking them to hold the postcard and pose!)  loopy-and-friends.jpg

Loopy’s next stop is the SF Bay Area to visit Kiddlebiddle, then on to the Blues by the Bay Festival, and in August – to Canada!!!