pamplin-uke.jpgpamplin-uke.jpgWell…it took me about two weeks to fully recover from my flu!  I was so “out of it” I couldn’t even knit, and that’s saying a lot.  But it’s been busy since then.  Kiddlebiddle is off to her dad’s for the summer (6 hour drive away….pout, pout).  I miss her horribly but will driving down to spend three days with her later this week.

 I’ve started some Summer of Socks socks for hubby.  I’ll post that separate though, so they can link from the KAL.

 Biggest thing was camping.  Every year friends of ours celebrate their anniversary by reserving AN ENTIRE CAMPGROUND.  It’s invitation only and most of the people that attend were at their wedding some 24 years ago.  It’s great.  Generation upon generation (on to the grandkids now) in a beautiful redwood site by a river.   We headed up Friday in two separate cars because hubby had a gig on Saturday afternoon and had to bring his big stand up bass.  We brought Frieda along because she loves to camp! 

 The redwoods were beautiful.  The Redwoods

 The music flowed  Ukesperience at the camp out

pamplin-fire.jpg  The bonfire was fantastic!

 And the river was fun for all!  pamplin-frieda-rolling.jpg

Had to add this:  the “hosts” have a flamingo theme going at the party  (check this out:Flamingo heads

 …so I knit them this gift!  flamingo002-2.jpg