KB spends every summer with her dad down in the SF Bay Area.  It’s a six hour drive but I go down every three weeks to spend 3 days with her.  This is her fifth summer down there and we’ve developed a “routine” of sorts.  Generally, there are three weekends during the summer when I visit.  On one my hubby comes too and we do family stuff.  On another it’s a “mommy and me” weekend and we usually shop (back to school clothes, etc.) and have fun fun fun!  The third weekend we generally tie into our vacation so we have a full 10 days together.

This past weekend was split: I picked her up on Thursday evening, took her to dinner and shopping (hey, two girls can’t hang out without visiting a store can we?  And Macy’s was right there…right next door to the restaurant.  On Friday I went with her to her ballet class  (observed – it was a good class and she works hard!); then took her to tea!  Yes, tea!  A real “English” tea in a tea room in Campbell.  Lisa’s Tea Treasures.  I had been there when KB was just a baby and always thought that as soon as she was old enough to appreciate it, I’d like to take her.  Well, at 10 she’s perfect!  She was soooo impressed with the details and decor.  She kept saying “whoa” with her eyes wide!  It wasn’t a cheap lunch, but it was well worth it!  I think we’ll make it another tradition.   tea.jpg

On Saturday hubby joined us and we all headed to the Tech Museum.  We saw an IMAX film on Greece and played in the museum for a couple of hours.  If you’re ever in San Jose and want to have a good time, check it out!  www.thetech.org  In the photo below she’s doing a DNA experiement.


After a break (aka, nap!) we took Kiddlebiddle to dinner at a favorite of ours when we’re in the area: E&O Trading Company.  I’m not sure just what to call the food but it’s fantastic.  Kind of far east eclectic with influences from India, Japan, Thailand, China.  Again, KB’s eyes were big but for once, so was her stomach!  She was willing to try just about everything — everything except spinach that is.  (Can’t figure that one out.  When she was a toddler, she’d gobble it!  Around 4 or 5 she got to where she wouldn’t touch it!  Go figure!)

 giggles-at-eando.jpg  Hubby said/did something that had KB in absolute stitches!  It got crazier and crazier!  And he looks so innocent here!

Unfortunately, even fun times have to end and Sunday (after a quick search at another Macy’s for a jacket she’s craving) I took her back to her dad’s and headed home.  I hate that drive with a passion!  But I’m heading down there again in a couple of weeks ‘cuz I love KB with more of a passion!  My baby is getting to be a young woman.  Jeesh!  (More photos on the Flickr page.  Just click)