Every summer one of my visits to KB is dubbed “Mommy and Me” weekend — just the two of us. And we always use part of that time for back to school shopping. This year was no exception. Friday was scheduled as shopping day and though we wanted to get an early start, we did allow ourselves to sleep in. Then, off to the mall!

Since we hadn’t had breakfast our first stop was a crepe cart where we shared a smoked salmon and cream cheese crepe. While I waited for it, KB headed right into the nearest shoe store. Yes, she’s her mother’s child — she loves shoes too. And buying for her can be a challenge, to say the least. She had beautiful feet. But they are long and narrow. McKinley feet we call them (after her paternal grandmother). And she’s just reaching in to the adult sizes, which, frankly, offer more opportunity to fit her (why do shoe manufactureres assume all kids have chubby feet???) but the styles – so grown up!…. AHer “witch” shoesnyway. Nothing at the first store. Off to Macys where we were actually able to find her some jeans and black slacks that she loved! (Something other than jeans???? Yay!!!) When we were leaving she told the salesclerk, “When I leave here today, you’re gonna be able to tell I’ve been SHOPPING!” I rolled my eyes, clutched my wallet, and smiled. She was probably right. I do spoil her. But interestingly enough, she doesn’t act like a spoiled child. (Well, most of the time.)  Toward the end of the day, we did find just the “perfect” shoes to go with her “skinny” jeans. 

Several stores later, and a luscious lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (without the cheesecake thank you), we were about ready to leave and yes, indeed, it did look as if we had been SHOPPING! She’s set for school and mom even got a few things herself

shopping-and-sf001.jpgSaturday was our day in San Francisco. I got a “brilliant” idea Thursday night, checked on line, and ordered tickets for us to see the matinee performance of “Jersey Boys.” Boy, what a show! Of course, being the age I am, I love it and got all the cultural references, and was able to sing along with almost all of the songs. But she loved it too and woke up the next morning singing “Sherry.” After the show we drove through the city (brought back memories of my years living there) and low and behold, a parking place was open right in front of the SF landmark Cliff House. We parked and went in for a wonderful seafood dinner. I am sooo lucky that she loves seafood. 

Cliff House view

I hated having to leave Sunday afternoon. And as I was taking her back to her dad’s she kept saying, “drive slower….slower….slower.”  But we pick her up again in two and a half weeks and off we head to Montreal and Quebec City!  shopping-and-sf011.jpg  (More photos on our Flickr site: click the link on the sidebar!)