August 2007

We’ve just returned from our 8 day trip to Montreal and Quebec City and I’m in LOVE!  I want to move to Quebec City (ignoring the fact I’d have to improve my french dramatically)!  I’m trying to sort through the 600+ photos we took so I can post them and write more about the trip.  Suffice it to say….there will be plenty.

 Yesterday was a BIG day around here.  Kiddlebiddle started her first day at a new school – 5th grade, to boot!  And in the afternoon was fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes!  Whew!  Mom forked over some $$$$ to get her started for the new dance year.  The kid keeps growing!

 Needless to say, my knitting is falling behind.  I did take a sock with me to Canada and following in the Yarn Harlot’s footsteps, I took a few travel shots featuring the sock.  Some pretty big bigwigs got involved too!  No hints.  You’ll have to stay tuned!


It was back in June that Kiddlebiddle had the recital for her dance classes.  And it’s just now that we’re finishing up the DVD.  I’m in charge of the print part – labels, inserts, etc. and because I get kinda picky…it took me awhile!  I found out I could pull still shots out of the video!  The focus isn’t great but the capture of skill is fantastic!  Kiddlebiddle is just 10 and one of her dances had her and her teacher dancing together.  Actually, she really looks like a small version of her teacher — long and lean.  Take a gander….



How many projects can I have on the needles at once?  Apparently, LOTS.  That “gauge” over on the sidebar isn’t exactly correct. I’ve got lots more things going, some I started ages and ages ago (as in years).  I’ve got half a sweater done…I really should pick it up and finish.  And tonight I cast on the Huggable Hedgehog!  (Photo is the designers photo…I’ll post mine when it’s done.)  I had so much fun knitting the flamingo that I thought I’d try for more toys.  hedgehog.gif Maybe these will actually reach their intended recipients!  I have a tendency to knit baby clothes but not block them and send them!  Of course, the kids outgrow them and here I am with the sweetest little sweaters and dresses! 

I’ve got some gorgeous Alpaca for another sweater.  I’ve had the yarn for a year.  It’s a lovely brown with specks of blue in it.  I’m dying to make it for myself but I just haven’t found the perfect pattern yet.  That, and I keep wanting to loose weight before I knit a sweater.  Silly.  I keep wanting to loose weight before I do anything.  Not a good idea.

 Anyway…the shrug I’m planning to knit for Kiddlebiddle I think I’ll save for airplane knitting.  It’s fairly simple and she’ll be with me to check for size.  Plus, with circular needles I’m sure the airlines won’t have a problem (though I hear they let knitting needles on anyway now). 

 I’m losing track of all the projects I’ve got/want.  Well, not really.  I’m keeping track of them over on Ravelry (great new site for fiberistas – still in beta but I was one of the (thousands) lucky ones.  Absolutely LOVE the site.

Gonna head off to bed now.  Enough knitting (????) (well…maybe I’ll take a sock to bed with me….)

Well, I’m certainly behind in my blogging!  I did finish the Flame Wave socks for Kiddlebiddle and she loves them.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture yet of her wearing both socks!  This pattern is a quick and easy knit and looks divine.  They are knit with Cascade Fixation and though it took some getting used to, I really liked the feel of the finished socks.  I bought some more of the same yarn for another pair (for me??).  flamewave.jpg

I’ve also just about finished the first of the pair of Undulating Rib socks for Hubby.  They’re being knit with J.Knits which I found somewhat splitty at first.  But since I switched to my KnitPicks DPNs (which are quite pointy!) the socks are sailing along without problem.  undulating-rib.jpg

 Because I can’t have just one pair of socks on the needles, the other night I cast on my second pair of Monkey socks using Louet Gems.  Boy is this a nice soft yarn!  I’ll post new pics as soon as I can.

 Lovin’ the socks.