We’ve just returned from our 8 day trip to Montreal and Quebec City and I’m in LOVE!  I want to move to Quebec City (ignoring the fact I’d have to improve my french dramatically)!  I’m trying to sort through the 600+ photos we took so I can post them and write more about the trip.  Suffice it to say….there will be plenty.

 Yesterday was a BIG day around here.  Kiddlebiddle started her first day at a new school – 5th grade, to boot!  And in the afternoon was fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes!  Whew!  Mom forked over some $$$$ to get her started for the new dance year.  The kid keeps growing!

 Needless to say, my knitting is falling behind.  I did take a sock with me to Canada and following in the Yarn Harlot’s footsteps, I took a few travel shots featuring the sock.  Some pretty big bigwigs got involved too!  No hints.  You’ll have to stay tuned!