Whew!  Bad blogger!  I have this “thing” about getting stuff done (I don’t).  And I didn’t want to post until I got the photos from our trip to Canada (back in August!!!!) up and available.  I did it today.  They’re over the on the Flickr site but here’s a taste.

canada027.jpg   canada067_edited-2.png

 So much has happened since I last blogged.  Kiddlebiddle did have another recital and I promise I’ll get what photos I have of that up within the week.  I only took a few shots during the dress rehearsal so they’re not the best but I have put the videos up on YouTube. 

 Knitting…been busy with knitting but, as usual, for everyone else.  I knit the cutest hat for Kiddlebiddle, a scarf with Noro Kuryeon that I ended up giving to hubby (though I like it…he’s out in the cold more than I) and a hat with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I enjoyed knitting but I’m not as crazy about how it fits me so…hubby gets that too.  I really wanted to knit myself some more fingerless mitts but haven’t started them yet.  The weather’s been cold enough that I’ve really wanted all these things which is sort of unusual for me.  I do think I’ll start the mitts or another pair of socks tonight though.  I’ve got all sorts of lovely yarns from Yarn Pirate (so much so that I didn’t “join” the sock club this last go-around!) plus some lovely Dream in Color Smooshy that I just got from the lovely Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.  Can’t wait to start with it!

 So, now that I’m back, I’ll try to blog more often and let ya know what we’re up to!