This was our first year sans Nutcracker!  But Kiddlebiddle got to do even more in, what we think was, a better show.  Her dance instructor conceived, wrote, and choreographed a wonderful new holiday ballet to showcase absolutely all of her wonderful students.  KB danced as a Christmas tree light (with her Latin Dance class), a Peppermint (with her Ballet 4 class), and in a solo as Iciquelle, one of the ornaments that came to life.

 It was a charming show called “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and told the story beyond what you usually hear.  Did you know that elves, pirates, and a musicbox doll are part of the story??? They are now!  I’m posting a couple of videos taken at her most recent performances.  The first is KB as Iciquelle.  The little snowflakes that are dancing with her are the students from the class she student teaches.  Aren’t they darling??

I’m also posting a video of KB at thespring concert where she danced as “A Young Dancer of 14 Years,” Degas’ famous ballet dancer statue.  The premise in this ballet was that the artwork comes to life as the visitors leave the museum.