OK…so it’s not a world tour.  But it’s the farthest the group has gone on a gig!  And it’s a real honor to be invited!  Ukesperience has been invited to play at the “Great Waikoloa Ukelele Festival” on the Big Island this March!  They’ve actually got two performances scheduled and think they’ll also be playing at other places around the island, including the Hard Rock Cafe!  Undoubtedly, I’ll have more information for you in the future, but in the meantime, you can check out the basics at: http://www.gohawaii.com/event?id=9788

We’re very excited about this, even though Kiddlebiddle and I won’t be going with them this time!  It’s quite likely they’ll head that way again as their music is a bit “different” than what you usually associate with ukuleles and the big names in that field are quite impressed with them! 

Be sure to check out the band: http://www.ukesperience.com  Here are a couple of photos I took at one of their gigs this fall: