Kiddlebiddle got a new bike for Christmas.  Actually, she got two!  One at her dad’s and one here.  We got her a great mountain bike so she can ride some of the trails around the area (with us, of course).  But yesterday was the first time she was able to get out and about on it.  (We had to get her a helmet!)  She loves it and though mommy is a bit apprehensive about letting her grow up and be independant, I did let her ride around a few blocks.

kiddlebiddle and her new bike               

WOW!  While I was typing this, Tim came in and told me there was snow mixed in with the rain!  We live on the northern California coast and while we can generally drive to the snow within 20-30 minutes, it rarely snows here on coast (we can see the bay from here).  Big soft flakes are mixed in with the rain.  Not sticking though… 😦

 Lastly, holiday knitting.  I did go on a “warm up the family” bender and knit hats, scarves, etc.  Here’s KB with the Koolhaas hat from Interweave Knit’s Holiday issue.  It’s a gorgeous hat (knit in Cascade 220) even though I had to rip it out three times before I got the repeat correct.  I need to make me one too — as soon as I finish my fingerless mitts I’m working on….

 KB's Koolhaas hat

Every morning I get up, get coffee, feed the cats, and have a few quiet moments before I get Kiddlebiddle up for school.  This is what I saw about a week ago: