6:30 to 7:00 a.m.

§         Get up

§         Feed cats

§         Grab cup of coffee (thank goodness it’s on a timer and was set up last night!)

§         Draft letter to class party committee and their parents about Valentine’s Party this coming Thursday.

7:00 – 7:30 a.m.

§         Begin to wake up Kiddlebiddle (she can sleep for 15 more minutes without too much rush or being late)

§         Skim first section of the newspaper – keep eye out for great editing bloopers like yesterday’s “gun who killed five had mental problems….”

§         Make Kiddlebiddle breakfast and watch 10 minutes of TV with her

7:30 to 8:00 a.m.

§         Get dressed (pull clean underwear and socks from dryer because they haven’t been put away yet….)

§         Make Kiddlebiddle’s lunch (oooooo, cold pizza!  Mommy doesn’t have to make a sandwhich today!)

§         Search for file folder with class party info to complete letter (whaddya mean it’s right here on the desk?  Let me search in the car, in the dining room, and living room first willya!?)

§         Complete committee letter and write note to teacher about early pickup for orthodontist appointment and that I will bring Onion Pie and Shoo Fly Pie to the 5th grade “Colonial Day” on Wednesday

8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

§         Drive KB to school (use DH’s truck as my van is about out of gas – get in truck, realize I don’t have correct key, run back in house, grab key, and maneuver big truck out of small garage…brakes suck!)

§         On drive discuss pros and cons of all the pointe shoe brands/styles we have ordered and plan to meet with teacher for advice; discuss care of blister on toe and that I won’t order additional shoes to try until company process refund for shoes I returned.  (Buying pointe shoes online is a challenge….)  Discuss if Mike told her how I should get the DVDs he finished burning so that I can put together the final package (over 60 ordered so far!).

§         Kiss her goodbye; have a great day…remember to have fun.

§         Drive home; dream about time to knit or work on on-line art class that I’m a week behind in – park in front rather than maneuver big truck into miniscule garage.

8:30 to 9:00 a.m.

§         Ask to borrow truck again so I don’t have to cram “get gas” into time before 9:30 a.m. dentist appointment.

§         Make breakfast (poached eggs on toast) and pour another cup of coffee.

§         Draft this entry while eggs cook.

§         While toast is in for second time (why, when you put the same bread in the toaster, at the same “darkness” setting, day after day, does it come out different every time??) add dishes to the dishwasher I loaded the night before (there’s always room for another fork and knife).

§         Take breakfast back to computer to check email, begin to read blogs and eat, dripping egg yolk down chin and onto clean jeans.



§         Let dog out to pee.  Stand on porch until she moves off the porch to do something.  Let her back in and give her chicken jerky reward.

§         Set up printer and software to print DVD labels while I’m gone (for some reason the program is making things print waaaaaaaay slow.)

§         Wash face, apply tinch (i.e., tiny pinch) of makeup, brush teeth very well (on the way to the dentist after all!)

§         Kiss DH goodbye.

9:15 – 10:30

§         Dentist….teeth cleaning only.   They are sooooo gentle here!  And nice.  No scolding.  Made appointment for DH as well.

§         Check emails and email DVD labeling software folks about my order.

§         Check blogs

10:30 –noon

§         Load washer with 2/3rds of KB’s laundry.  (She cleans her room by tossing everything conceivably fabric into the hamper!)

§         Assemble 25 inserts for DVD…glue, cut, fold inserts; put cover into cases, insert insert (??!!!).

§         Drink Chai DH made for me … yum.  Thank goodness for the new espresso machine!


§         Experiment with new label making software while laundry I just put in washes….

§         Do I get to eat anytime in here?  (yup…just made a sandwhich – PB&J – at 1:15!!!

§         Print out 3 more inserts to complete today’s quota.

§         Put labels on 25 DVDs, insert into cases, put in box to take to dance class tonight.

§         Make appointment for hair cut and color.  Yippee!  I’ll have a fresh (new?) look for Stitches and Giselle next week.  New stylist so……

1:30 – 3:00

§         Pick up Kiddlebiddle from school; take to orthodontist (positive aspect – I get to read for almost an hour while waiting for her!)

3:00 – 3:30

§         Drop her at home, switch vehicles and take my van to get gas.

§         Return home, put soap in dishwasher and run (it was already loaded last night/this morning);

§         Empty dryer of kitchen towels, fold, put away; load washerful into dryer.

3:30 –

§         Finish putting together last 3 DVDs

§         Start printing DVD cover for remaining 35+ (clear paper jams, reload, clear more jams…give up…try again…)

§         Wind yarn for DH’s hat while DVD covers are printing

§         Scan pattern for DH’s hat so I have a portable version


§         Grab DVDs for dance teacher; package up pointe shoes for KB to try on after Latin, grab kid, find keys….don’t find keys…grab extra key…out the door to dance class

5:30 – 7:30

§         Yippee!  Get to knit for 45 minutes while KB takes Latin class. (Hat is knit from top down.  Why?)

§         Then we meet with teacher to go over shoe fit and chat.

§         Finally head home around 7:30.  But we’re having leftovers and they should already be heated or at least the oven ready!


§         Turn on oven to heat left overs. (I think DH figured we nuke everything.  Usually would, but the pizza needed more crisping)

§         Make KB a decaf latte (instead of buying her one at the coffee shop next to dance class!)

§         Realize we now have about ¼ cup of milk left and the bread is going moldy!  (Bread has nothing to do with the latte but everything to do with preparing for tomorrow – making lunch for KB – and how we get restocked in the kitchen.  I do it.  Surprise!)

§         Check on printouts that worked while we were gone.

§         Put pizza in the oven, take required dishes out of dishwasher.

§         Package up pointe shoes that won’t work (we found one pair she’s in love with!) to ship backstu.jpg

§         Sit down and eat reheated risotto (DH’s heated!) while watching 15 minutes of tv with family

§         Take pizza to computer to relax for a few minutes (computer game…)


§         Can barely stand and realize that I must basically do all this again tomorrow plus clear off sewing area so that I can make a bonnet and apron for Colonial Day.

§         Realize that when I stop at the store tomorrow after taking KB to school, ostensibly just to get milk and bread, I also need to pick up ingredients for food I promised for Colonial Day.  (What time do they need it?  Can I bake it tomorrow and bring it in Wednesday morning or would it be better to bake Wednesday morning?)

§         Go to bed.  Try to sleep.  Heartburn killing me.  (Maybe I should kick pizza out of my diet.  But then, heartburn is part of my life lately.)  Too wound up in spite of being exhausted.  Feeling just a “tad” unappreciated and unloved.  Finally fall asleep (after giving in and taking Ambien) around 11.