Got my hair cut again.  I had found a hairdresser I really liked but she’s moved.  I tried a new salon last time and while the girl (woman?  She’s a girl to me!) was good, albeit young and so probably not terribly experienced, the cut wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  I almost went back to have her tweak it but decided to work with it myself and grew to quite like it.  This is it then:


 Over the past month or so though I realized that the color (yes, I do color my hair…since the grey started taking over!) was too blonde and not at all like my hair was when I was a kid/young woman.  So with that in mind, and wanting a bit more of an “edge” I brought in a photo of my hair color 30 years ago (when I was 2 months old…right….) and reiterated the style that I had requested, but this time shorter in the back.  Lindsey went to town and I quite like this look.  What do you think?