April 2008

I’ve finished the main pieces and now have them blocking prior to sewing together.  This is going to be sooooo cute!  The designer is “Jujube & Lolo.”  And tomorrow I cast on the second one (TWO great-nieces!!!) in two different colors of Dream in Color.  This one is in “Giant Peach” and “Blue Lagoon,” the next will be in “Petal Shower” and “Gogo Grassy.” I got all the yarn from The Loopy Ewe (Hi, Sheri!  Love you!) http://www.theloopyewe.com/  And I’m in love with this “Giant Peach” colorway.  I’m thinking of what I can make for myself out of it!

Since each “baby” has a big sister who’s two, the big sisters are getting a matching “Buddy Bag” http://www.jujubeandlolo.com/patterns/buddybags.php  I got both patterns when I was at Stitches. I’ve finished most of the bag (easy knit) without the i-cord (38″ is going to take some boring time!) and I’m going to line it!

Here’s the “Buddy Bag” in progress…showing off my recent “goodie” from TLE!

The bag will have a nest with a birdie fingerpuppet and I’m going to make a little mouse to go in the pocket of the sweater.  Because it’s for such a young baby (though I’m making 18 month size), I think I may actually make the mouse out of fabric so that it’s not so messy when/if (who am I kidding, WHEN) she puts it in her mouth!

I’ve done quite a bit of knitting this week and it feels good!  But then, I’m really good at starting things and not finishing them.  But if it’s being blocked, surely I’ll seam it and finish it all! Well…off to bed. 


Everyone sing: “All by myself…don’t wanna be…all by myself, anymore….”

Hubby and Kiddlebiddle are out of town and I’ve been on my own since Wednesday.  They don’t come back until tomorrow night.  I HAVE been using the time to “indulge” myself, watching instant Netflix, knitting, reading.  But somehow I always feel the need to use this kind of time to get things in order.  To clean like i don’t when they’re here.  Why is that?  Am I embarrassed to clean in front of them?  HA!  Hardly.  But then, no one in  this family is the best of housekeepers.  But there’s so much to do and if I don’t just get up and do it, it doesn’t get done.  (Not blaming you sweetie, it’s just a fact of life.  I don’t do it either!)

Are you like me? I start one project, see something else, and before you know it I’m knee deep in the big muddy and sinking fast! This morning, loading the dishwasher turned into re-organizing cupboards (all of them!!!), planning a windowsill herb garden (that I’ll probably kill), as well as finally getting yesterday’s groceries put away. And the sad thing is, the project I really need to do is my studio. It’s piled with all my art, knitting, and crafting supplies and if I don’t get it emptied out soon, I won’t get the new cupboards put in. But where do I put the stuff in the meantime? Well…since we’re about to enter “sewing season” (Spring ballet performance coming up), we’re turning the dining room into the sewing studio so SOME of the stuff goes there. The rest will go into storage temporarily. As soon as I rent a storage space. It seems to be a never ending, uphill struggle. But if I’ll just put one foot in front of the other I will get my dream space! I will…I will…I will….(keep repeating to myself to make true!)  Maybe if I post a “before” shot, it’ll keep me moving toward the after. 


Oh! And while I’m doing this, I’m working on an ad for KB’s ballet studio for the Stars of Tomorrow program. And while talking on the phone to her teacher, I notice little white paw prints going down the hall (on the hardwood). And they didn’t just brush up! Cat? Dog? Not sure. Where did it come from??? No idea. We have been painting KB’s room so…. Thank heaven’s they wiped up with a damp cloth!  

Here’s a show of her room in progress.  Going from blue…with the fairies and flowers I painted on for the five year old, to a nice happy yellow for the “teen” ballerina! 

Ah well. Off to fold laundry, change the sheets, and start more laundry. Oh goodie. Reward = Prairie Home Companion is on in an hour and I’ve finally found a station that works locally so that I can get it! Yea!

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Well, the pets anyway.  I realized that unlike other bloggers (at least those I read regularly) I don’t generally include pictures of the WHOLE family.  Today Crazy Aunt Purl had photos of Bob up and I couldn’t help thinking he looked oddly familiar…a little skinny…but oddly familiar.  I double checked my stock photos of our very own Django and sure enough, I think they could be brothers!  (If’n you totally ignore Django’s humongous belly!)

  That belly is just toooooo much!

Django was our second cat.  First was Tinkerbell who is still our princess.  She was named by Kiddlebiddle when KB was only 5 (go figure…at 11 I suspect she’d come up with some ballet star name instead!)  Tink’s the shy one, but she does love the back of my chair (particularly when I’m eating while sitting there) 

And the last cat we got (or more correctly, the most recent) is Yaya (short for Sonya).  She wasn’t a kitten when we got her, maybe a teen?  Anyway, she quickly became the CIC (Cat In Charge).

  And while Tinkerbell is a loner, Yaya and Django often spend lovely time together, sleeping and/or grooming.

We got all three cats from our local animal shelter.  But Frieda was rescued.  One of my knitting students had found her wandering the hills around her rural home and took her in.  She eventually found her previous owners who didn’t want her (????) so a new home was sought.  We fell in love with her.  She’s a Shorty Jack — a breed of Jack Russell that is MUCH mellower than the others.  We figure that by now she’s about 8 and she follows me EVERYWHERE.  To the point of being annoying!  But isn’t she a cutie?


Just look at that face!  And THAT is the rest of the family.  Oh!  Wait, there’s a parakeet.  Tuptim (also named by Kiddlebiddle).  An ornery, unfriendly parakeet who I tend to forget about and have never taken a picture of.  I’ll have to remedy that.

Well…despite the newsguy…she’s in the show!  (I really didn’t have any doubt; but you never know with community events!) 

Kiddlebiddle has auditioned again.  Last year she won the “Stars of Tomorrow” talent show for the elementary school division with a dance she choreographed to a number from Cats (see earlier post).  This year she decided to use her number one love – ballet, and choreographed a number to “Dance of the Little Swans” from Swan Lake.   I surprised her by ordering a tutu and we embellished it appropriately and I made an “Odette” headpiece.  (If you are EVER doing ballet costumes, you’ve got to check out www.tutu.com.  They are fabulous!) 
My little swan Here’s Kiddlebiddle posing before the audition (should have taken off the watch!)

Regal Swan  My regal swan….

 And here’s the headpiece.

The audition went well in spite of some poor planning on the management’s part.  After all the work on her costume, they made her pin a huge number on herself so the judges would know who she was.  She managed to ignore while she danced but during the children’s auditions (all the elementary school kids went first), a local newsman wandered the stage with a video camera.  I could tell that even the singers, who primarily just stood there and sang, were a bit uncomfortable, but can you imagine what it’s like to be a dancer with someone else on stage that you DIDN’T choreograph into your dance? Can you say distracting??  Kiddlebiddle is a very serious dancer with a drive and passion you see in a professional.  She may only be 11 but she knows what she’s doing.  And with this guy on the stage she had to watch out for him while she was dancing, hoping he wouldn’t get in the way!  She had worked hard on her choreography and rehearsed and rehearsed and here she was having to “wing it” because someone else was on the stage!  And to top it off, they wouldn’t move the grand piano 3 feet upstage so that she could make the exit she had planned – a magnificent leap off stage.  Instead, she had to maneuver her way upstage (making up new steps!), around the guy with the camera, and changing the ending of her dance – without the grand movement! 

Although I felt she was stupendous, she was pretty upset.  And though my usual video camera wasn’t charged (oops) I used my Canon’s video capabilites.  You’ll see the guy in the way; that I was so busy watching her that I didn’t watch through the camera; and you’ll even see the other kids waiting.