Well, the pets anyway.  I realized that unlike other bloggers (at least those I read regularly) I don’t generally include pictures of the WHOLE family.  Today Crazy Aunt Purl had photos of Bob up and I couldn’t help thinking he looked oddly familiar…a little skinny…but oddly familiar.  I double checked my stock photos of our very own Django and sure enough, I think they could be brothers!  (If’n you totally ignore Django’s humongous belly!)

  That belly is just toooooo much!

Django was our second cat.  First was Tinkerbell who is still our princess.  She was named by Kiddlebiddle when KB was only 5 (go figure…at 11 I suspect she’d come up with some ballet star name instead!)  Tink’s the shy one, but she does love the back of my chair (particularly when I’m eating while sitting there) 

And the last cat we got (or more correctly, the most recent) is Yaya (short for Sonya).  She wasn’t a kitten when we got her, maybe a teen?  Anyway, she quickly became the CIC (Cat In Charge).

  And while Tinkerbell is a loner, Yaya and Django often spend lovely time together, sleeping and/or grooming.

We got all three cats from our local animal shelter.  But Frieda was rescued.  One of my knitting students had found her wandering the hills around her rural home and took her in.  She eventually found her previous owners who didn’t want her (????) so a new home was sought.  We fell in love with her.  She’s a Shorty Jack — a breed of Jack Russell that is MUCH mellower than the others.  We figure that by now she’s about 8 and she follows me EVERYWHERE.  To the point of being annoying!  But isn’t she a cutie?


Just look at that face!  And THAT is the rest of the family.  Oh!  Wait, there’s a parakeet.  Tuptim (also named by Kiddlebiddle).  An ornery, unfriendly parakeet who I tend to forget about and have never taken a picture of.  I’ll have to remedy that.