Everyone sing: “All by myself…don’t wanna be…all by myself, anymore….”

Hubby and Kiddlebiddle are out of town and I’ve been on my own since Wednesday.  They don’t come back until tomorrow night.  I HAVE been using the time to “indulge” myself, watching instant Netflix, knitting, reading.  But somehow I always feel the need to use this kind of time to get things in order.  To clean like i don’t when they’re here.  Why is that?  Am I embarrassed to clean in front of them?  HA!  Hardly.  But then, no one in  this family is the best of housekeepers.  But there’s so much to do and if I don’t just get up and do it, it doesn’t get done.  (Not blaming you sweetie, it’s just a fact of life.  I don’t do it either!)

Are you like me? I start one project, see something else, and before you know it I’m knee deep in the big muddy and sinking fast! This morning, loading the dishwasher turned into re-organizing cupboards (all of them!!!), planning a windowsill herb garden (that I’ll probably kill), as well as finally getting yesterday’s groceries put away. And the sad thing is, the project I really need to do is my studio. It’s piled with all my art, knitting, and crafting supplies and if I don’t get it emptied out soon, I won’t get the new cupboards put in. But where do I put the stuff in the meantime? Well…since we’re about to enter “sewing season” (Spring ballet performance coming up), we’re turning the dining room into the sewing studio so SOME of the stuff goes there. The rest will go into storage temporarily. As soon as I rent a storage space. It seems to be a never ending, uphill struggle. But if I’ll just put one foot in front of the other I will get my dream space! I will…I will…I will….(keep repeating to myself to make true!)  Maybe if I post a “before” shot, it’ll keep me moving toward the after. 


Oh! And while I’m doing this, I’m working on an ad for KB’s ballet studio for the Stars of Tomorrow program. And while talking on the phone to her teacher, I notice little white paw prints going down the hall (on the hardwood). And they didn’t just brush up! Cat? Dog? Not sure. Where did it come from??? No idea. We have been painting KB’s room so…. Thank heaven’s they wiped up with a damp cloth!  

Here’s a show of her room in progress.  Going from blue…with the fairies and flowers I painted on for the five year old, to a nice happy yellow for the “teen” ballerina! 

Ah well. Off to fold laundry, change the sheets, and start more laundry. Oh goodie. Reward = Prairie Home Companion is on in an hour and I’ve finally found a station that works locally so that I can get it! Yea!