I’ve finished the main pieces and now have them blocking prior to sewing together.  This is going to be sooooo cute!  The designer is “Jujube & Lolo.”  And tomorrow I cast on the second one (TWO great-nieces!!!) in two different colors of Dream in Color.  This one is in “Giant Peach” and “Blue Lagoon,” the next will be in “Petal Shower” and “Gogo Grassy.” I got all the yarn from The Loopy Ewe (Hi, Sheri!  Love you!) http://www.theloopyewe.com/  And I’m in love with this “Giant Peach” colorway.  I’m thinking of what I can make for myself out of it!

Since each “baby” has a big sister who’s two, the big sisters are getting a matching “Buddy Bag” http://www.jujubeandlolo.com/patterns/buddybags.php  I got both patterns when I was at Stitches. I’ve finished most of the bag (easy knit) without the i-cord (38″ is going to take some boring time!) and I’m going to line it!

Here’s the “Buddy Bag” in progress…showing off my recent “goodie” from TLE!

The bag will have a nest with a birdie fingerpuppet and I’m going to make a little mouse to go in the pocket of the sweater.  Because it’s for such a young baby (though I’m making 18 month size), I think I may actually make the mouse out of fabric so that it’s not so messy when/if (who am I kidding, WHEN) she puts it in her mouth!

I’ve done quite a bit of knitting this week and it feels good!  But then, I’m really good at starting things and not finishing them.  But if it’s being blocked, surely I’ll seam it and finish it all! Well…off to bed.