Every year, our friends Jerry & Lisa celebrate their wedding anniversary by reserving the entire campground where they were married.  It is an invitation only weekend long celebration – this year, celebrating 25 years!  Congratulations Jerry & Lisa!!!  I should have knit a silver flamingo for you!  (I’ll have to get to work on that!  A couple of years ago I did knit them a flamingo.  Somehow, the flamingo had become a symbol at the campout.  They’re everywhere. 

Anyway, many of the invitees were at the original wedding.  I wasn’t.  Sadly, I didn’t meet Jerry & Lisa until about six years ago.  But UkeHusband has known them much longer and been attending the campout for quite some time.

This year the stay was a bit abbreviated.  About a day shorter than normal.  So some folks didn’t make the trip (people come from all over the country for this shindig!).  My disappointment was that we couldn’t work out the schedule to get Kiddlebiddle up here this year.  She tries to go every other year but ballet classes during the summer are starting to interfere.  But it was a great camp-out anyway!  It’s a gorgeous location; the people are THE BEST; and fun and festivities abound.  UkeHusband always brings a couple of his instruments and this year a couple other Ukesperience members joined us for a day (they had other plans or would have stayed the weekend too!)  I managed to snag a video of them around our camp table:

working on a waving lace sock

 I always spend some of the time knitting!  In spite of anticipated cloudy weather, we had one lovely sunny day that got just about everyone out into the meadow.


and reading was big:

UkeHusband enjoying a good book...

UkeHusband enjoying a good book...

Always a big reader...

Melody is always a big reader...


And without a doubt, one of the best parts of this visit was that our friends Dave & Jan, who recently moved to Indiana, drove all the way back.  All three of their kids (all grown up and still in California) came too, as well as much of Dave’s family…who usually comes every year.  It was family reunion time for them and allowed for a little mother/daughter gaiety (go for it Jan & Melody! we love ya!)

We always bring Frieda with us and a trip to the river (just a short walk) is always in order.  This dog HATES to walk through the grass in our backyard, but get her to a river? Like a flash:




More photos can be seen at our Flickr account.  This set is at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/balletmommy/sets/72157606115481371/