Happy Mother’s Day to all of you that are mothers (of any sort!).  We have a rather traditional tradition in our family.  I’m not allowed out of bed (except for the bathroom) until Kiddlebiddle has served me breakfast and presented me with my gift.  For the past 7 years she’s had the help of my dear husband to make me breakfast.  I have a darling photo of him helping her break eggs when she was four years old.  But she’s 11 now…and HE made the whole breakfast!  I’m on weight watchers and they wanted to make me something I could eat so I found a Core recipe that was a bit more complicated than KB wanted to tackle.  (Though I’m sure she could have.)  So… 

Once she got up, she joined me in bed and we watched the last Indiana Jones movie while DH made this scruptious breakfast.  (It tasted and actually looked better than this photo shows.)  It was an egg and potato frittata, lite turkey sausage (2 points!), strawberries with yogurt, and a cappucino!  Yum! 

After breakfast, they presented me with my gift – a silver ring with KB’s name on it. 

I’m wearing it on my left hand, middle finger, next to my wedding ring.  My “engagement ring,” (which I got several years after we were married) is a blue topaz which is the birthstone of both DH and KB.  Although my hand is showing my age, I love the trio of rings.  (The wedding ring, which matches DH’s and a pendant we got for KB, is handmade with gold nuggets from the Truckee area of California.  DH lived there as a child and it’s absolutely gorgeous so there’s lots of sentimental meaning it it all.)

I’m still lounging around.  Decided not to get dressed today.  Apparently, lounging is the order of the day:

 Yaya (Sonya) joined us before I left the bed and apparently stayed for awhile. 

In other news…Kiddlebiddle didn’t win the talent contest last night.  She probably took the loss better than I did.  There were only five elementary school entries and I think the “cute” factor was what won over the judges.  The winners were a four piece “rock” band of fifth graders who performed a cover of a pop tune.  They were OK.  Now, I’m going to sound like a stage mother, but really…if you were judging a talent show, would you choose a band of cute little boys playing (not great…just playing…boom, cha, boom, cha, same rhythm over and over – and singing rather flat) a cover song, or one of the charming young singers with nice voices but little “movement,” i.e., stiff, or an 11 year old ballet dancer who choreographed her own piece and performed it well.  DH says that going the extra and writing your own work should count as quite a bit.  I agree.  I’ll post a video of the performance in a bit.

Anyway, she was fine.  She kept smiling while the award were given.


  That kid has grace (and I don’t mean the balletic kind, though she’s got that in spades!)  I am so proud of her!


Last Friday Eureka held it’s annual “Relay for Life.”  (

 I understand that it’s the 9th largest in the country!  Pretty good for a little community in the Pacific Northwest!

  relay-for-life005.jpg  relay-for-life007.jpg

Anyway, I wasn’t a walker/runner but I did participate in the American Cancer Society’s CPS3 study.  According to our local paper (Times-Standard) “The nationwide study, the first of its magnitude in 25 years, will look at cancer causing and prevention factors. Of the 500,000 volunteers the ACS is hoping will sign up across the country, 500 will be from Humboldt County. ”  I think they probably got the number they were looking for because the tent was packed when I went it.  I just completed a multi-page survey; they drew some blood, and I was done.  (Well, I did get a See’s candy afterward!  🙂 )

Though this shot is blurry in the foreground you can see the beauty of where the event was held.  It’s so gorgeous up here!   


 The event was quite a site to see (see?)  And my hubby’s band (Ukesperience) played a nice set right after the opening ceremonies. 


 You know, it’s  a little sobering to attend something like that and see friends wearing the RFL t-shirts and running and perhaps you didn’t even know they had been touched by cancer.    I’ve never been comfortable asking for money but I donate regularly and I think next year I’ll try to participate.