Well, Ukesperience has been in Hawaii two full days now and the Great Waikaloa Ukulele Festival was yesterday!  According to sources (OK…my husband, the bass player) they were quite a hit at the festival.  They had two shows at different venues in the festival and the audiences loved them (as demonstrated by the applause and selling of Ukesperience merchandise!).  At the first show, one of Hawaii’s musical legends, Uncle Danny (Danny Kaleikini) came up in the middle of their set and told them (and the audience) how much he enjoyed there music and said “THIS is what it’s all about!”  Comments were made by others that they here lots of traditional ukulele music but that it was great to hear the music that our guys produce…from the heart.  Yeah Ukesperience!  Last I heard they were having dinner with Roy Sakuma, the founder of the festival and a major Hawaiian music promoter, last night.  Can’t wait to hear how that went.

 And today, or tomorrow, the guys are relaxing and off to visit the volcano.  They’ve got a gig on Tuesday and another on Thursday, then Jason and Dave have a gig with their other band, Kulica, on Saturday before the guys head home early next week. 

It sooooo sounds like they’re having fun.  It took a lot to get there – Tim had to mail some of his equipment to himself.  But he had fun building a portable stand up bass.  Here’s a shot.

 Portable Bass

 I’ll let you know what more I hear!  Aloha!


OK…so it’s not a world tour.  But it’s the farthest the group has gone on a gig!  And it’s a real honor to be invited!  Ukesperience has been invited to play at the “Great Waikoloa Ukelele Festival” on the Big Island this March!  They’ve actually got two performances scheduled and think they’ll also be playing at other places around the island, including the Hard Rock Cafe!  Undoubtedly, I’ll have more information for you in the future, but in the meantime, you can check out the basics at: http://www.gohawaii.com/event?id=9788

We’re very excited about this, even though Kiddlebiddle and I won’t be going with them this time!  It’s quite likely they’ll head that way again as their music is a bit “different” than what you usually associate with ukuleles and the big names in that field are quite impressed with them! 

Be sure to check out the band: http://www.ukesperience.com  Here are a couple of photos I took at one of their gigs this fall: 



Boy oh boy are we lucky!  I live in an absolutely gorgeous town in Northern California, the redwoods, the ocean…and every summer: Blues by the Bay.  We go with a group of friends; arriving a couple of hours early to secure our spots and prepare for two days of glorious music and relaxation.  And I guess global warming is really doing it’s thing because the pacific northwest is SUPPOSED to be foggy and cool in the summer but this year it was hot and muggy.  (Not a good thing….)

 The lineup was fantastic as always.  Every year there are some acts that I’ve never heard of and it never fails that we’re blown away by one or more.  And this year they were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Summer of Love” and had some old favorites that took me right back to junior high school: Big Brother and the Holding Company, Canned Heat, Elvin Bishop, Charlie Musselwhite…  Wow!  You would have thunk that Big Brother couldn’t be “the same” without Janis…but they got a female singer that, while she does have her own sound, does a fantastic rendition of Janis.  Close your eyes and drift back 40 years….  And I’ve got to tell you — this is the second time I’ve seen Elvin Bishop at this festival and does he ever put on one heck of a show! 

The audience is all ages, babies to grandparents.  Everyone groovin’ and having a wonderful time in a wonderful location.  Take a look at some of the fun:

Elvin b

Elvin Bishop brought down the house!

And here’s part of “our gang” friends

Big Brother 

Big Brother took me back….(waaaay back)

While the music rocked…I knitted.  knitting-fiend.jpg


Told ya it was sunny!  (My man…)

The festival went on for two days and the final day we had some overcast but still, a lovely sunset.  This shot was taken right at the festival. 


  I can’t wait ’til next year!  Gotta arrangae it so Kiddlebiddle is here too.  I know she’d love it!  (you might have noticed…I got a haircut!  Love it!  Makes me feel young!)  cathy.jpg