finished objects

Ok…the great sewing extravaganza is over and in fact, so is Christmas!  I was so exhausted from the show that I’ve not had the energy to post a thing.  I did manage to get some photos up on Flickr and a video of BalletDaughter’s performance that I shot from the wings during the first performance. 

I can’t tell you how proud I was of her.  This was her first solo on pointe and it had some rather difficult steps for someone with only a year of pointe work behind her (under her??).  But she was lovely.  Amazingly, HER costume was the easiest one I made!  bellerinas-in-rows

The Bellerinas, who dance with her, were significantly more difficult but I only designed them; constructed one as an example, and another mother did all the sewing.  The difficulty came when the hula hoops we planned to use didn’t get shipped!  So UkeHubby, after driving for six hours from the Bay Area, helped me cut and form yards and yards of plastic tubing.  We had to warm it in the oven to get the right bend in it because it had retained the tight twist it had on the spool at the hardware store.  We had to insert them in each dress, then UkeHubby rivited each one so that it wouldn’t twist.  Twelve costumes – completed the day before dress rehearsal!


I also made the (10!) tops for the Intermediate Latin class and some new costumes/pieces for the soloists.  I was busy and my studio still looks like a bomb went off in a thread factory.  But my serger was a godsend.  I had been so afraid of it (why????) and then when I used it – heaven on earth!

So, ballet concert is over; smashing success.  December is a hectic time for us.  UkeHubby’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, BalletDaughter’s Birthday…then New Years is rapidly followed by my birthday.  We can barely breathe.  But UkeHubby and I did manage to go out to dinner for our 7th anniversary.  We’ve come to really enjoy Abruzzi after BalletDaughter’s dance teacher gave us a gift certificate last year.  So we chose their romantic atmosphere to celebrate 7 years of marriage.  BalletDaughter snapped a picture before we left, with UkeHubby swathed in the wool scarf and hat I got him as an anniversary present (did you know that the 7th anniversary is WOOL??? But I have LOTS of wool already.  And wool blends…skeins and skeins of wool!)



We had BalletDaughter with us for Christmas and it was wonderful.  She had been told she couldn’t get up Christmas morning until UkeHubby was up.  I generally get up early and that morning I got a text message about 8:30 asking “When’s Tim getting up???” She used modern technology to approach a child’s age old dilemma on Christmas morning!

As usual, she was spoiled.  And so was I.  I got the new camera I had asked for.  We loved our old (?) Canon but wanted to supplement it with one of the tiny cameras that would travel in my purse more readily.  UkeSanta got me the Canon SD1100 and I’m thrilled with it.  I’ve taken hundreds of photos just experimenting with what it does.  Trust me.  It does a lot.

I didn’t finish my gift knitting completely.  I hope to get that done this week.  But I did manage to crank out a quick scarf for myself – a Fidget.  I love it.  As soon as it’s blocked I’ll post a picture.

Until then, we wish you the Happiest of New Years! May the coming year be filled with joy and peace and contentment for us all!



I’ve had stuff done for awhile…but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  The light in my room was great this afternoon…but maybe not the best for photos.  Ah well….

beth-2.jpgThis was from the book “Hip Knit Hats,” it’s called “Beth” and though modeled by Kiddlebiddle was knit for me from Malabrigo worsted weight…held two strands together, that I bought at Stitches.  Gooooorgeous yarn.

cloverleaf-lace-mitts-back.jpg  These, my dears, are “Cloverleaf Lace Mitts” (pattern: made with Yarn Pirate’s wonderful yarn!  I was in her sock club for two sessions and loved this yarn but didn’t want to hide it in my shoes!  Anyway, I used the pattern designated needles for the wrist but thinking my hands were a bit bigger, I went up one size for the hand.  Shouldn’t have.  The pattern has enough give and would show off the stitchwork much better if I’d just stuck with the same needle size.  Should teach me to let the designers do what they do best….

I must be in to blue…because this was a hat I came up with to teach beginning knitting to Kiddlebiddle’s fifth grade class (the kids who took knitting as their “elective”).  It was knit flat and allowed me to teach them basic knit stitch (for garter stitch band), then purling (for stockinette body), with decreases…and finally, seaming.  Well…it would have if more than one student had finished the hat!  They never wanted to do the “homework.” hat-for-class.jpg

And last (for tonight), a hat I knit, also for myself, out of a lovely Cashvero by Cascade…part cashmere, part merino.  I think the hat needs to be blocked, which I rarely do for hats.  But it would shape better.  coronet.jpg  It’s actually a lovely purple, and the pattern is CORONET by Alexandra Virgiel, on Knitty.