I’ve had stuff done for awhile…but I keep forgetting to take pictures.  The light in my room was great this afternoon…but maybe not the best for photos.  Ah well….

beth-2.jpgThis was from the book “Hip Knit Hats,” it’s called “Beth” and though modeled by Kiddlebiddle was knit for me from Malabrigo worsted weight…held two strands together, that I bought at Stitches.  Gooooorgeous yarn.

cloverleaf-lace-mitts-back.jpg  These, my dears, are “Cloverleaf Lace Mitts” (pattern: made with Yarn Pirate’s wonderful yarn!  I was in her sock club for two sessions and loved this yarn but didn’t want to hide it in my shoes!  Anyway, I used the pattern designated needles for the wrist but thinking my hands were a bit bigger, I went up one size for the hand.  Shouldn’t have.  The pattern has enough give and would show off the stitchwork much better if I’d just stuck with the same needle size.  Should teach me to let the designers do what they do best….

I must be in to blue…because this was a hat I came up with to teach beginning knitting to Kiddlebiddle’s fifth grade class (the kids who took knitting as their “elective”).  It was knit flat and allowed me to teach them basic knit stitch (for garter stitch band), then purling (for stockinette body), with decreases…and finally, seaming.  Well…it would have if more than one student had finished the hat!  They never wanted to do the “homework.” hat-for-class.jpg

And last (for tonight), a hat I knit, also for myself, out of a lovely Cashvero by Cascade…part cashmere, part merino.  I think the hat needs to be blocked, which I rarely do for hats.  But it would shape better.  coronet.jpg  It’s actually a lovely purple, and the pattern is CORONET by Alexandra Virgiel, on Knitty.


Last weekend (2/22 & 24) I attended the market at Stitches West.  It was the second time I’ve been there so I had an idea what I was getting into and was prepared.  (I’d dusted off the credit cards!)

The plan was to meet up with one of the other members of the Lime and Violet message boards – Tikabelle, whom I had never met before!  But before I met up with her I attended Vicki Howell’s presentation, sponsored by Southwest Trading Company.  Though they had some technical difficulties, the folks showed us a good time and we were treated to not only a free pattern from Vicki’s new book, Catwalk Crochet (not coming out until next year!) but a show of how several of the patterns could be accessorized and worn to achieve different looks with the same piece.  Now, the book is all crochet patterns, and I don’t really crochet, but now I think I’m gonna hafta learn. 

Craft magazine made a video of the presentation…available here:  Also got a nice attendee to take a shot of me with Vicki.    And when I returned Sunday (yes, I went on Friday for most of the day…actually all day, and went back for two hours on Sunday!) with my daughter, who was absolutely speechless (a rarity for an 11 year old) Vickie quickly asked if we had a camera to catch Kiddlebiddle’s excitement.   dscn0203.jpg  

Vicki was quite agreeable to photos.  Stitches Market however, was not.  Tika and I were disappointed that we weren’t allowed to snap photos within the market.  Especially when we were invited to take off our shoes and jump into a big bin of yarny goodness. 

First thing we hit inside the doors was the Ravelry booth.  I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo glad they came into existence.  And we got to meet both Jess and Casey.  I ended up going back to the booth to get one of their tote bags.  There was no way I was going to make it that day without something to carry my new stash additions!  (Had to empty it at the end of day one so there would be room for day two’s endeavor!)  If you haven’t seen it yet, go to the Ravelry site and check out the mosaic they had (Casey made, of course) that is the Ravelry logo made of ALL the avatars of Ravelry members!  

I went to the Stitches market with the intention of getting some more STR in the Raven series and I did.  I wasn’t alone.  Here’s Tika with her Ravelry passport and “Notorious Sock Knitter” bumpersticker that she picked up at Blue Moon Fiber Arts.     sititches-west026.jpg  

And here’s my “Socks that Rock” Raven series yarns Korppi on the left and Silkie in Thraven on the right (they are both much darker than they photograph):   sititches-west032.jpg  

There were so many wonderful vendors at Stitches.  Many we knew about and sought out; many we’d never heard of.  We went from booth, to booth, to booth…petting skein upon skein of lovely yarns; reveling in ingenious notions, pondering new patterns and kits, and meeting wonderful people with the same passion we had!  

Here’s a peek at my stash from Stitches.  This photo doesn’t include some of the patterns I got which are in my “pending” basket right now!


If you go to my Flickr page you can actually hover over areas of the photo and see what’s what (


Part of the stash is:

Malabrigo – two skeins (oh yes!)  sititches-west033.jpg

and Jojoland Meloday (with which I’m making their Swirl Shawl…sorry no pic)


A GORGEOUS scarf pattern/kit that Kiddlebiddle insisted she “needed” me to make for her.  (They had other patterns for this yarn, but this is what she wanted…)


And I got myself some new needles…Signature Needleart…I’d heard about them from Annie Modesitt’s blog and they are heavenly to work with besides being gorgeous:I


Also bought some “Hemp for Knitting and a couple of patterns from them.  The hat, already cast on in the dark orange, is for…guess who….Kiddlebiddle.


And I fell in love with a shawl from Fiber Trends.  I didn’t get the kit because they only had it with brown as the accent color and I really wanted the blue in the demo shawl.  Check it out:

 I did buy plenty of patterns though.  Baby patterns intended for great nieces (if I ever get my act together and actually finish a baby project!), scarves, hats, a book of Norah Gaughan patterns….

 All in all it was a great weekend.