How many projects can I have on the needles at once?  Apparently, LOTS.  That “gauge” over on the sidebar isn’t exactly correct. I’ve got lots more things going, some I started ages and ages ago (as in years).  I’ve got half a sweater done…I really should pick it up and finish.  And tonight I cast on the Huggable Hedgehog!  (Photo is the designers photo…I’ll post mine when it’s done.)  I had so much fun knitting the flamingo that I thought I’d try for more toys.  hedgehog.gif Maybe these will actually reach their intended recipients!  I have a tendency to knit baby clothes but not block them and send them!  Of course, the kids outgrow them and here I am with the sweetest little sweaters and dresses! 

I’ve got some gorgeous Alpaca for another sweater.  I’ve had the yarn for a year.  It’s a lovely brown with specks of blue in it.  I’m dying to make it for myself but I just haven’t found the perfect pattern yet.  That, and I keep wanting to loose weight before I knit a sweater.  Silly.  I keep wanting to loose weight before I do anything.  Not a good idea.

 Anyway…the shrug I’m planning to knit for Kiddlebiddle I think I’ll save for airplane knitting.  It’s fairly simple and she’ll be with me to check for size.  Plus, with circular needles I’m sure the airlines won’t have a problem (though I hear they let knitting needles on anyway now). 

 I’m losing track of all the projects I’ve got/want.  Well, not really.  I’m keeping track of them over on Ravelry (great new site for fiberistas – still in beta but I was one of the (thousands) lucky ones.  Absolutely LOVE the site.

Gonna head off to bed now.  Enough knitting (????) (well…maybe I’ll take a sock to bed with me….)